The Day I Spoke Too Soon…

It began as an ordinary day, just as any other had so many times before. I was headed to my first class as a junior in high school and by all means I thought I was this untouchable, over the top cool guy, who had it going on! I was known for always having a smile on my face and sometimes being the class clown. This day though, being considered the class clown would take on a whole new meaning. The most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on came into class and looked in my direction, at least that’s what I thought. As I noticed her looking, she began to wave and smile vibrantly as if she were staring at her prince charming. I couldn’t believe it, I began waving and smiling from ear to ear like the biggest geek you’d ever see. But I was soon brought to the realization that she wasn’t speaking to me at all, in fact she’d never laid eyes on me before. Turns out, her jock of a boyfriend had been in the desk right behind me the entire time. Needless-to-say, he wasn’t too happen to have me speaking to his girlfriend and she considered me a freak. That day, I walked out with my tail tucked between my legs.

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