The Highlight of My Spring Break

Spring break for me this year was rather different to say the least. Whereas I usually take a trip with my friends to a far away place far far far away from our parents, I chose to do the exact opposite this go-around. I spent my break at home, with my family, packing, moving to our new house, and unpacking. Now, I know you’re thinking “wow, how boring!,” but in all honesty it wasn’t so bad. Especially dealing with an overly obsessive shopper of a mother! Of the 10 days that I was home, I spent 13 in home interior stores. Yes, you read that right. She picked up so many things, asked for my opinion, agreed with it, and decided not to purchase it by the time we made it to the register. This happened REPEATEDLY and it burned me up every single time, needless to say. Overall, I enjoyed the time I spent with my mother, however I will NEVER shop with her again, to save my life!

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