Five Graphics!

  • I felt that this was a good selection because of the format in which the information was presented and how it was laid out.,31813,1918872,00.html

  • I felt that this graphic was a good choice because of its breakdown of the informationand how it was detailed. The chart provided enough information to adequately account for all of the spending and attribution of the money.

  • This example was a good illustration because it provided two different types of graphics detailing the information. I do think that it was helpful to see the information laid out in two different formats.

  • This example is the epitome of a great graphic, in my opinion! It presented a lot of information and had everything well organized as well as colored coded to illiminate any confusion.

  • I chose the following graphic because I liked the illustration and how it broke down the two groups profiled, using three-dimensional figures. Pretty cool!

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