My RSS News Feed Update

My RSS news feed has been pretty busy, to say the least. Each of the outlets that I have chosen to follow have provided me with updates on several national headline making stories, as well as the not so public stories that are still interesting. All of the content presented thus far has been well put together and easy to interpret. From stories about the economy and politics, to family and civil matters, to food and entertainment news, I have found all of the stories presented useful and entertaining. I think that I favor the more serious stories more so than the not so serious stories, because I enjoy reading and watching the way journalists compose themselves in certain situations and still present effective stories.

Before taking this course, I never knew that news aggregators existed or that I could even combine all of the sites I use all in one and get all my content in one setting! I constantly find myself checking my Pulse account for the latest updates and news bulletins. Most of the themes of the stories presented seem to be geared towards people on the go, who might only have a few moments to spare at the time to catch on the latest headlines. Some of the headlines I have come across have been about all facets of the news spectrum, from Hollywood and entertainment to even some local reports. My favorite stories thus far have been those that are not everyday stories that we are used to hearing about. I like reading and viewing pieces on uncommon things that make for good entertainment. I think most times stories that are not typical news reports, generate more buzz and attention. It’s probably safe to say that stories like these probably help in keeping the ratings up for news outlets.

In conclusion, I did find the sites I selected to be very helpful to me. I have always been a frequenter of these sites, however it has been great to know that I can go to one place and receive the content that each of them produces on a daily basis all at one time. I can honestly say that each of these selections suit my interests and have given me the information I look for in a good news story. I look for varying stories from day to day. I like stories that tug at your emotions or inspire you and I have come across stories from these news outlets with stories of this caliber in some form or another.

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